Stranger Things 3 Review

Firstly, massive thanks to @davsketches for the brilliant thumbnail for this episode, drawn live during recording.

Things just keep getting stranger in Hawkins, and that’s not just because Sukh, Rich, Dav, and Chris have shown up to keep an eye on the place. They’ve all watched the latest volume of Netflix’s hottest nostalgia-fest. If you’ve watched it too, join them in the golf-cart for a spoilerific road-trip through the 4th July celebrations in Indiana.

Ice-cream is included, but you might want to grab some fireworks too (it is 4th July, after all). Hope you can get your preferred flavour of slushie. And if you can’t handle the heat and the extreme diversity of opinions, you’d better get out of the sauna.

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It’s all here on the latest episode of Geek Soup.

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