The X-Files Season 11 – a retrospective

First things first, there be spoilers within. Continue at your peril.

Farewell then, Agent Scully. While she widely publicised her decision that this season would be her last, we weren’t sure how exactly she would be making her exit.

And, as it turns out, it wasn’t so much an exit as a moving on. Announcing her pregnancy to Mulder right at the end, with the Cigarette Smoking Man dead, Mr Y dead, Erika Price dead, and the X-Files shut down (again – and will Skinner lose his badge too, if he even survived that car crash?), it seems – you’d hope – they’ll be heading off into the sunset together.

Yes, of course, we’ve seen Cancerman’s face literally melt off his skull and he’s still been back. He can quite possibly survive a few shots to the chest and a nighttime swim in the harbour. But still. William will also be back, one would assume.

If there is a Season 12, of course. Will there be? It’s not been announced.

Should there be?

There are a lot of loose ends here. Of course the Smoking Man isn’t dead. Of course William is running around. Of course the ever-suspicious Mulder will want to be sure of the fate of them both.

But, on the other hand, it’s as natural an end point as I feel we are ever going to get from Chris Carter. It was there for him on a plate. Unequivocally kill the big bad. Have William reconcile with his mother, or die in a sacrifice. But he passed it up.

Carter will never end the series in a good place. I’m not sure at this stage he even knows how. This is as good as it will get.

We’ve had some great episodes this series. One of my personal favourites was Rm9sbG93ZXJz, a tongue-in-cheek warning (or mockery of those warnings?) about the dangers of the Internet of Things. The very start of the episode, while largely irrelevant, was possibly my favourite sequence of all time.

Another highlight was The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat, where an unusual individual appears with seemingly convincing evidence that the world is having its memories amended for nefarious purposes.

One thing links these two; they’re both comic relief. These episodes have always been a great strength of the X-Files. The ongoing overarching plot has just lost its way; indeed, it did back in the original run.

It’s time to enjoy what we had and give Mulder and Scully their happy ending. Perhaps this latest of many closing downs of the X-Files will be the last.

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