Review – Whitechapel (2009-13)

I stumbled upon this on Netflix during a search for a ‘Jack The Ripper’ documentary. Quite possibly my happiest accident of 2018 – so far.

Detective Inspector Joe Chandler (Rupert Penry-Jones) has to solve a series a gruesome murders in the East End of London. Despite the case being near impossible to solve, he has to lead a rag-tag bunch of unprofessional and undisciplined detectives.

The show transcends procedural crime drama tropes once we meet Edward Buchan (Steve Pemberton). He is a fanatic Ripperologist that draws comparisons of the modern day murders to the historic Jack The Ripper murders of the Victorian era.

The show somehow manages to squeeze in a huge load of Ripper history, fact and conspiracy in to its script. It made me want to visit Whitechapel immediately and see the sights firsthand.

The cast and acting is a little ropey in the first series, but the chemistry takes a massive leap forward in its second series, where the team tackle a London gangland conspiracy.

I found myself bite watch all 4 seasons in 3 days. I was a little annoyed by the supernatural turn the show takes in its final season but in all honesty, I was so hooked I didn’t mind so much.

The cliffhanger the show ends on is satisfying and infuriating. It’s made me crave a fifth season to find out what would happen next. But also made sense a fitting finale.

If you like shows like Luther, where the producers don’t hold back with the violence and genuine fear and suspense, you’ll enjoy Whitechapel.

🥄🥄🥄🥄 /5

2 thoughts on “Review – Whitechapel (2009-13)

    1. Ha! I’m the total opposite. I don’t mind things starting off supernatural, but I like everything to conclude with a rational explanation 🙂


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